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DIY Doctor’s Mike Edwards stepped in to rescue Linda Barker during her ‘Custom Chic’ presentation at the Ideal Home Show yesterday.
Linda had prepared a custom, candle lit wind charm for display to her large audience when her team realised the stage did not allow for any kind of hanging display.
Mike brought his building skills to the fore immediately to put together a tripod which stood solidly on the stage.
Linda was able to present her piece in it’s full splendour and the audience were none the wiser…..until now that is!
The photo shows Linda and Mike sharing a smile on the ‘How To’ theatre stage where DIY Doctor are appearing in a further 12 presentations over the next 5 days.

Today Mike is presenting ‘How to Avoid Cowboy Builders’ at 11.30am followed by ‘How to Skim Plaster’ at 12.30pm, while Martin from TileTracker will demonstrate ‘How to Tile a Bathroom’ at 4.30 this afternoon.

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