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DIY Doctor has been recommended as a great site for DIY advice in The Telegraph last Saturday (02/04/11).

The article, written by Rosie Millard, encourages women to get on with DIY tasks themselves after a recent survey identified that 58% of women are disappointed in their partners DIY skills, and also that 24% of men don’t like to admit their lack of DIY skills.

So the Telegraph’s advice is to do a house audit to identify what jobs need doing, and then assess whether it is realistic to try to do the job yourself. And that is where DIY Doctor comes in – offering good step by step advice on a whole host of projects and videos.

If it turns out that the task is actually to difficult for you to tackle, and you need to get an expert in, you can always get 3 quotes from reliable tradesmen local to you via our Find a Tradesman form by clicking here.

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