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After a couple of days work on her front door, it seems like Karen took us at our word – and spent the last two days of the Easter Bank holiday weekend on the beach!

Well, not on the beach exactly, but family commitments meant that Karen was unable to complete her project of stripping and repainting the front door in the original timescale.

Luckily, thanks to the wedding of a certain young Prince on Friday, and May Day we have another 4 day weekend coming up.

A recent survey showed that although most of the working population are grateful to have an extra day off because of the Royal Wedding, DIY is not top of their list of things to do. This is not true for Karen however, as she has promised to leave the TV switched off until after the final brush stroke!

Did you have any unfinished DIY jobs from the weekend? Taken on too much? If so, just click here to get a local tradesman to come and finish the job so you can watch the Royal Wedding!

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