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It may come as a surprise to many, but self-builders are the largest group of housebuilders in the UK, accounting for around one in five of Britain’s new homes each year. As there have been so many mainstream builders giving up or scaling down their own new builds, this could represent nearly a quarter of new homes finished this year.

Despite this, the UK has one of then lowest numbers of self build homes in Europe.

The announcement from Housing Minister Grant Shapps that the Government will help more people to build their own homes will no doubt put this topic firmly in the spotlight.

Speaking from the Grand Designs Live Show in London, Mr Schapps outlined plans to reduce red tape and remove some of the barriers faced by those wishing to build the house of their dreams. One of the key areas is for more land to be made available exclusively for the self builder.

Self build is usually a once in a lifetime experience and can often take several years from start to finish. The downside is that it will be a huge time commitment and will impact on all aspects of family life for the duration of the project. The upside is of course having the house you want with the satisfaction of having done it yourself!

Have a look at our self build – finding land project for more information.

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