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Despite her earlier comments regarding decorating over the long weekend, Karen was caught up in the excitement of the Royal Wedding and not a brush stroke was made on Friday!

As you may see from the images in the blogs below, the undercoat had been applied ready for the next step. However, the overall look of the door was fine from across the road, but on closer inspection it was very apparent that it was less than perfect. Karen made the difficult decision to strip the door again – this time all the way back to bare wood.

Stripped to Bare Wood

This took quite some time as rather than cover the whole door with the eco friendly paint stripper, Karen worked in smaller sections. This enabled her to concentrate on the fiddly bits of the panelling to ensure all traces of the previous paint were removed.

After carefully washing the door with a weak solution of sugar soap and rinsed with fresh water, the door was left overnight to dry out. The following morning it was ready for sanding down. Karen started with a coarse grain or grade paper, then a medium grade was used and finally a fine grade to finish.  Have a look at our project on preparing woodwork for more information.

We think you will agree that the door now looks much better and will provide a far smoother surface for repainting.

After a final wipe down to remove all traces of dust Karen is now ready for the next step – undercoat again!

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