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Here at DIY Doctor, we are very aware of the dangers that diy’ers face when taking on home improvements.

Not all of these dangers are apparent, so to raise awareness of one of the most common but unseen hazards we are happy to advocate The British Lung Foundation’s Action Mesothelioma Day.

Mesothelioma is caused by exposure to asbestos, which is present in many older homes. Asbestos was widely used until the 1970s when the dangers became known, and it’s use within industry was phased out.

Common uses within the home are things such as floor tiles, toilet cisterns, asbestos cement roofs, textured ceiling coatings and even the linings of boiler cupboards.

Materials with asbestos that are in a good condition do not usually pose a health risk, and should be left alone if possible.

If you are planning any work that involves the removal of asbestos, you should check with your local authority or if possible use an accredited asbestos removal company.

Great care must be taken when working with this substance as it is the inhalation of the fibres and dust that can trigger this disease. Have a look at our asbestos removal project for more advice on this.

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