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In a bid to save £2million pounds a year, one local council has taken steps to implement a scheme where the tenants themselves undertake simple household repairs. The idea is that house-proud tenants could do many simple repairs and tasks in less time than it takes to get a workman in.

This was first raised back in April, when Housing Minister Grant Shapps said ‘Maintenance and repairs cost social landlords £4bn a year, but often work was something tenants could do themselves’.

rollerandtray Stoke-on-Trent City Council have arranged a series of roadshows on how to carry out DIY tasks, with the first one being held this Thursday at Hanley Library, along with a dvd with hints and tips on simple things such as unblocking a sink and bleeding a radiator.

Councillor Gwen Hassall said ‘We need to cut out the wastage that can arise from doing repairs that aren’t necessary, or could be done by the tenants themselves’.

‘We want to school people that some things don’t need a repairman to come out and fix’.

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