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Recent research by insurance company Aviva has revealed that the number of theft and burglaries increase during the months of July and August.

With the school summer break almost upon us, many families are getting ready to go on their annual holidays.

Whether you are planning a week away or just the odd away day, there are several things to consider to help protect your home and gardens.

security cable

security cable

Theft of garden equipment from sheds and outbuildings increases by almost 50 per cent in the summer, so it makes sense to ensure that expensive garden equipment is secured somehow. Just a simple measures such as fitting a latch on the gate is a good start, plus a padlock on the shed door – even locking several items together will deter most opportunistic thieves. Have a look at our home and garden security project for more tips.

Installing an exterior light with a motion sensor is a great idea too.

Portable items such as the kids bikes and even the garden furniture should be put away if possible.

Make sure the windows and doors of your house are closed and locked too. Valuable items should also be hidden or placed in a safe if you have one and not left in plain sight – if the burglar can see nothing worth breaking in for he just may pass on by.

Make sure your home insurance is current. If you are taking an extended holiday check to see that you are still covered. Some insurance may not cover you if you are away for periods of more than 30 days.

Let your neighbours know if you are away so they can keep an eye out for anything unusual.

Have a final check round before you leave – and then relax and enjoy your holiday!

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