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As summer progresses, there are plenty of jobs in the garden that need constant attention. Mowing the lawn becomes part of the summer ritual as it is usually done on a weekly basis.

Many of these outdoor jobs involve the use of electrical equipment – lawn mowers, strimmers and hedge trimmers being the most common items in regular use.

Here are some simple rules to follow to ensure you don’t become a shocking summer statistic!

  • Never use electrical equipment in wet or damp conditions
  • Always use a socket fitted with an RCD – and check it regularly!
  • Wear appropriate footwear – sandals will not offer any protection to your feet
  • Wear safety goggles and gloves when using a strimmer to protect your eyes and hands
  • Check cables and connectors are sound and not damaged before use
  • Ensure cables are kept away from the area you are working in to avoid damage
  • Extension cables should be fully unwound to prevent overheating

rcdThe most important piece of advice is to ensure any electrical equipment is unplugged before attempting any cleaning or repairs. This may sound obvious, but the Electrical Safety Council (ESC) reports that this accounts for 13% of all electrical accidents.

After use, ensure your garden equipment is clean and stored in a dry environment.

This will prolong both it’s life and potentially yours too!

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