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88% of people reading this blog will be home owners. We know this from the extensive surveys we do and the millions of statistics we keep.

We also know that almost 90% of you will know of, or be close to a business that could benefit from the extraordinary advertising and marketing DIY Doctor offers.

Advertising is expensive, fact. Most advertising does not work, fact. DIY Doctor advertising however, does work, fact!

The reason our advertising works, where others fail is the contextual way we place adverts. It’s no good having an advert for underpants in the middle of an article about comparing car insurance quotes. Simples.

Our adverts are placed on pages and within articles where they actually become part of the article and help the reader by offering added value to the article. If you read about how to lay bricks and you can click and buy the trowel on the same page, well, even more simples !

Take a look at our promotional video and pass the link on to anyone you know who has a business which could benefit from this kind of advertising. You may even get a share of the money they will make from advertising with DIY Doctor.

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