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Glow Worm Boiler 65/80-single heater unit for dual purpose of Ch and hot water supply, although bathroom and kitchen hot water is provided by pumped circulation. There is a Cylinder (21 gallons). Three weeks ago I decided to wash the wall tiles from ceiling to floor and without noticing I run out of hot water. I checked the expansion tank: It had water – and the cylinder seems to have water also. However no hot water since then. I thought the cause might be the valve actuator – it was replaced 3 years ago – but the plumber who finally came last Saturday said he had to replace the pump.  He promised to return today, but so far no news and I  despair f ever having this problem fixed. How it is that I have CH if it is true the pump is not working?  If any knowledgeable person  could advise me, I ‘ll be very grateful.

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