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Summer brings out the gardener in everyone! Lawns mowed, borders trimmed and any number of other jobs undertaken with vigour.

One job our users seem to be very keen on is fixing hanging baskets to house and garden walls but unfortunately we get a great many emails on how to do this properly as (it would seem) quite a lot of these new decorations are falling off!

DIY Doctor (as you will see from our book Master Basic DIY) does not believe in simply offering advice on individual projects when explaining the principle of the operation covers so much more ground. For example, fixing a hanging basket is exactly the same process as fixing a shelf bracket or fixing a miroor to the wall. That is of course, if they are all being fitted to the same type of wall.

The principle of plugging and screwing to masonry surface is identical for all applications.

Instead of dealing with a hanging basket on it’s own, we will explain how to fix (anything) to masonry. The best way to understand this operation is to visit our project page called fixing to masonry  and take a look at the video here.

Good luck with your gardens and shout if you need help!

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