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Following on from our blog on cleaning wooden decking we have decided to detail a few more jobs which the fine weather makes more palatable!

The rain will undoubtedly have washed every tiny piece of grunge from your roof into your gutters and onto any flat roofs you may have.

Stay safe whe using ladders

Stay safe whe using ladders

Cleaning the gutters and flat roofs is simply a matter of rubber gloves and a bucket but while youre doing it the most important thing is to stay SAFE!!

Climbing ladders is easy, working from them, not so. Please make sure your ladder is long enough, is fixed securely both top and bottom and you are able to keep at least one hand on it at all times.

More details on how to stay safe can be found in our gutter cleaning project.

Fix eye bolts to the wall for safety

Fix eye bolts to the wall for safety

Fixings to complete this project can be found by clicking on the image on the left. You can also get advice on how to complete safe fixings by going to our project on fixing to masonry.

Enjoy your DIY’ing during the summer but please stay safe.

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