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Another popular summer job is gate and fence maintenance and fitting new fence panels and gates. We get a whole lot of emails from people who need gates of an irregular (non-standard) size and would like to be able to make them.

Our video shows how to make the most popular gate in the easiest way. The principle of this gate construction can be used for any size gate but obviously it is a good idea to upgrade the size of timber as the gate gets larger and heavier.

You can see videos on how to make the fence ( Post and rail fencing) and how to lay the path (laying paving stones) on You Tube. You will also be able to find videos on laying weed fabric, concreting fence posts, using a disc cutter and mixing sand and cement.

Please let us know by leaving a comment on the blog, facebook or twitter, on the summer jobs you would like some help with and we will publish them in this sequence of blogs.

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