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Climbing frame, paddling pool, garden slide? Kids love them but they do take their toll on your lawn!

Believe it or not, after publishing our latest project on repairing a damaged lawn we had an email from a couple who told us they have a large lawn which is their pride and joy…..So much so in fact, that the kids are not allowed on it!

Make the most of your lawn this summer

Make the most of your lawn this summer

We are not recommending that as the best way to keep your lawn looking good (although it obviously works!) as we have several tips and tricks to keep your lawn in good shape on our project page. If you follow the advice there, then you will not go far wrong………………….and here is another tip.

If you want some advice on making the most out of your lawn, nip down to your local golf club early in the morning and ask if you can have a word with one of the green-keepers. If anyone, anywhere knows anything about grass, it is these guys.

Usually, like any good tradesman (if not too busy) they are happy to share their knowledge and, coming from a green-keeper, you can be sure it is solid advice.

Not a bad excuse for some of you to pop out for a sneaky round of golf either eh?!  Tomorrow we will be talking about laying turf for a new lawn.

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