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The most common summer job (according to our users) is painting the woodwork and masonry of the outside of the home. We will deal with painting masonry another time but today we can take a look at the best way to prepare your timber windows, doors, fascia boards etc for a coat or two of paint.

Preparation for painting is more important than the painting itself.

You may be happy to do the same job three or four times a year but if, like us, you would prefer to do it right, once every three years, then good preparation is the key.

We have a whole list of projects on the website to help you prepare, and then paint your woodwork and these are listed below. Just click on the link you want to go to.

There are many more painting projects on the website as well as projects on how to clean paint brushes and how to paint both metal and timber garage doors.

As you view each project, look to the left and at the bottom of each page where you will see a list of projects related to the one you are reading. By following these related projects you will be able to gain all the knowledge you need to work your way round the house.

At the very bottom of each page is a tool store where you can click any buy all of the tools and many of the materials you need to complete the job.

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