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A very unusual house in Hackney, London has come onto the market recently. The guide price is £500,000 ono, and yet it has no roof  and is derelict. But what it does have is a labyrinth of tunnels underground.

It’s previous owner, William Lyttle who died in June last year, had spent 40 years digging the tunnels and had become a ‘local legend’, although it was only in 2006 when the local council discovered the DIY tunnels that he was evicted as the area was deemed unsafe.

The tunnels and caverns are estimated to spread 20 metres in every direction from the house and the surveyors estimate that he had scooped 1000 cubic metres of earth from underground over the years. In 2006 Mr Lyttle denied he had been tunneling, instead admitting to ‘home improvements’!!

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