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The TorqueVario VDE is “without doubt the ultimate electrician’s screwdriver” – reported in the Professional Electrician  (September 2011 issue), Calibrated and individually certified to International Standards the ECA, Elecsa & NICEIC have tested the tool and endorse it.

Torque screwdriver set from Wiha available from NeweysOnline

Of particular interest to most electricians will be the electric slimfix and the torque screwdrivers. As well as enhancing the safety of installing terminal screws users will be in good company as Wiha supply TorqueVario screwdrivers into industries such as aerospace, defence and F1.

 Torque Facts:

  • Poor termination is the number one cause of failure to switchgear
  • Under-torque and you risk arcing, hotspots and fires
  • Over-torque and you risk damaging the component or the thread, which in turn may lead to under-torqueing

Wiha tools are now available to buy from NeweysOnline


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