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Is geothermal heating for you?

We have a great project page on ground source heat pumps which gives loads of information on what they are and how they work and how they can be beneficial.

But if you are considering the major change of installing one in your garden you need to be aware of a several things. As your garden will need to have a certain amount of digging done in it, you will definately need to be able to get a digger in, so access is key. Once the equipment is installed though, it needs very little maintenance.

Another consideration is if you are trying to tie it in to an extisting heating system. The ground source heat pump works best with low heat systems such as underfloor heating, not trying to heat radiators on a conventional system.

Ground source heating works best and saves you most when you are looking at replacing electric, LPG  or solid fuel such as coal. The Energy Saving Trust estimate that your annual savings could be in the region of £480 if you use electric heaters, £200 if you use solid fuel and £180 if you use oil.

If you would like to receive free no obligation quotes for installers of ground source heat pumps and geothermal heating you can go to our Find a Trademan page.

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