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An article in the press has sparked some debate on how sheds affect us but health experts have stated that there is evidence to suggest that it could have a positive effect on mens health.

Research done by a professor in Mens Health from Leeds Metropolitan University is due out today but he thinks that ‘pottering’ in a shed can relieve stress and lower blood pressure.  In fact, so many people back this idea that groups are springing up around the country offering communal ”Men’s Sheds’ so that men can get together, make things, and share and maybe even learn new skills.

The idea originates from Australia but the idea is spreading over here with one such initiative having been set up by the charity Age UK and Men’s Health Forum. Focussing on the over 55’s, it is called ‘Men in Sheds’ and it gives men the opportunity to get together, do some DIY and drink cups of tea and chat! Sounds great to us!

If you would like advice on how to build your own shed, we have a project with step-by-step instructions and also a project on building a shed base which gives advice on constructing a concrete base for your shed.

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