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As one of the UK’s water companies, Anglian Water, applies for a drought permit so that it can pump water from a river into a reservoir to try to avoid a shortage next summer, should we be asking more questions?

According to their spokesperson “”You wouldn’t expect us to be talking about drought in winter but this is really the result of the cumulative effect of successive dry seasons that we have had throughout the year.  We know that going into next spring and summer, when we will really need water, our network could be under strain and that’s why we’re putting this precautionary measure in place.”

One can only ask the questions, why haven’t water companies invested more money into fixing leaks (which cost thousands per year) and building more desalination plants and reservoirs?

Crying ‘drought!’ looks suspiciously like a good reason for water companies to bump their prices up………or are we just a little bit cynical?

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