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Following an investigation, there will be a ban on excessive credit and debit card surcharges introduced by the end of 2012.

This means that any consumers buying items or tickets online will only be charged a minimum cost, which has been established as up to 20p for a debit card transaction and 1-2% of the total price for credit cards.

Many of us have found that often, as you fill in details for your purchase and proceed to the checkout on  a website, you only get to find out about the extra charges when you tick a box to pay by card, and often these charges are pounds not pence extra! Airline companies appear to be some of the worst, adding ‘administration fees’ of up to £12. One example is Ryanair who charged a customer £6 per person, per journey, so for a family of six, charges came out at £72!

The Government announcement has happened due to Which? putting in a complaint to the Office of Fair Trading. The executive director at Which?, Richard Lloyd, says  “The Government’s decision to ban rip-off debit and credit card surcharges is a huge victory for consumers.

“This announcement goes further than the Office of Fair Trading’s proposals, finally putting an end to these unfair charges. More than 50,000 people supported our campaign to see these fees stamped out.”


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