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Winter maintenance for your home is vital. We have a project identifying several jobs to be done at this time of year. These include:

  • clearing you gutters – we know, no-one likes doing this, but it is worth it if it avoids blockages which could cause water to freeze and cause damage to pipes and buildings
  • Drain tidy to keep out leaves and debrisadding drain tidys to keep leaves etc from blocking your drains
  • cleaning paths and patios to avoid them getting slippery and dangerous
  • ensuring you have adequate outside lighting, ideally fitting PIR’s which will turn themselves on when they detect movement
  • check your roof for missing tiles or damage
  • go round the house filling any gaps you find round doors and windows as well as between floorboards

 If you need to get a professional tradesperson in to do any home improvement jobs, you can get free quotes via our Find a Tradesman service, which finds appropriate, insured tradespeople in your local area .

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