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A recent article by BBC News has continued the debate on measuring  imperial versus metric in Britain.

As the author of the article, Jon Kelly, says ‘Call it a proud expression of national identity or a stubborn refusal to engage with the neighbours. Either way, the persistent British preference for imperial over metric is particularly noteworthy at a time when its links with Europe are under greater scrutiny than ever.’

We still have pints of beer, like to buy our cheese by the ounce and say that someone is 6 feet tall or 15 stone, so are we just happy and able to use both systems? In 2007 the European Commission abandonned plans to bring in a deadline for Britain to fully adopt metrication, which would have included needing to change all road signs from miles to kilometres. Most supermarkets show weight in both imperial and metric and since 1974, although school children have been taught the metric system, they also have to know how to convert to imperial.

When it comes to DIY and home improvement, it seems that we continue the dual-use of measuring. But always make sure you double check your measurements, especially if you are say, planning a kitchen, as a few centimetres out could make the world of difference!

DIY Doctor have a page of conversion tables that you can use to help.

So what do you use? Imperial or metric or a combination of the two? Let us know your thoughts…….


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