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Online sales have grown by 48% from 2008 to 2011 in the UK according to a report from comparison site Kelkoo.  

In 2008 the online retail market was worth nearly £34 billion and last year it has risen to just over £50 billion. They also estimate that by the end of 2012 this will have grown to £57.39 billion which is another 14% rise on last year.

In the UK, we spent an average of £1435 each online in 2011, which was broken down to be an average of 39 items with an average cost of £37 each. We are also one of the top online shopping nations in Europe.

Chris Simpson, CMO at Kelkoo said  “Over the last five years internet retailing has improved substantially thanks to the use of affordable ‘always-on’ internet connections, simple and secure payment systems and the increasing popularity of mobile devices combined with the growth of mobile-based retail sites. All of these factors should help online retail sales and retail sales via mobile devices to continue to thrive in 2012.

“It’s natural to see consumer appetite for online shopping growing year on year. This is not because people are spending more money but because they are shopping in the most convenient and affordable way for their individual needs.”

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