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Obviously here at DIY Doctor HQ we love the fact that so many people in the UK spend their spare time doing DIY – it’s why we are here! But before you get started on a project that you have been putting off for ages, consider a few things.

Take the time to plan. If you are renovating a room, really take some time to get your ideas together and know exactly how you want it to look. Then make sure you have all the tools and materials you need or ordered. Then make sure you work from a list so that the overall project is broken down into tasks which you can work through.

Take your time. Don’t rush the job. If you rush, you make mistakes, and this can often mean getting someone else in to fix it!

Is it beyond you? It is a good thing to recognise your limits. It may be that you could tackle certain elements of the job but not the whole thing, in which case you could get a professional in to do some but you do the rest, therefore also reducing the cost.

Ultimately, there are certain jobs which no DIYer should undertake – usually involving gas or electrics. In these instances we recommend that you seek professional assistance.

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