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A survey carried out in Ireland by the AA shows that most people would like to see basic DIY skills being taught in secondary schools.

They polled 11,000 people in Ireland and the results were that 90% were in favour of these sort of life skills being introduced to the curriculum, with only 2% being stongly against the idea.

The results also echoed reports in the media last year about the younger generations not having the level of DIY skills that their parents and grandparents have or had, and that these skills are no longer ‘handed down’ to children and grandchildren. Of those polled, 25% said they didn’t have a clue about DIY.

We are sure that the results of this survey would be similar if it were carried out in England, Wales and Scotland, and the DIY Doctor team think it would be a great idea for basic DIY skills to be introduced in schools so that kids learnt how to bleed a radiator, change a tap washer, unblock a sink, as well as how to tackle painting and decorating properly. Many people suffer a lack of confidence when it comes to DIY so by introducing it when people are young, in a learning environment is the way to go!

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