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With the news this week that water bills are rising by up to 8.8% in England and Wales from April, with an average rise of 5.7%, we can all take a look at what we can do to reduce our water usage and keep our bills down.

Here are some tips on easy things you can do in the home:

  • Fix all drips from all taps in the house – this could save more than 5,500 litres of water in a year
  • Turn off taps when not using them – especially when you are doing things like brushing your teeth, as a running tap wastes over 6 litres of water a minute!
  • Fit a water efficient shower head
  • Install a dual flush toilet
  • Put a ‘Hippo’ in your loo!
  • Install water butts in your garden and use watering cans – see our simple DIY project on installing a water butt

Look into whether having a water meter fitted would be better for you – it doesn’t cost you anything to have one installed. If you have more bedrooms than people in you home, you may well be better off with a meter.

You could also look into installing a grey water recycling system to enable you to re-use waste water from baths, sinks and washing machines, to flush toilets and water the garden.

Check out our project on saving water for more advice.



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