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The threat of hosepipe bans, particularly in the south of England are causing some people to panic particularly with the current good weather many have been experiencing. But there is an easy solution.

A ban means that householders are not allowed to connect a hosepipe to the mains water supply for any domestic uses. This includes watering plants and the garden, cleaning cars, filling up swimmingpools or paddling pools, or filling up ponds unless they have fish in them.

So far seven water companies in England have announced that bans would be introduced with most starting on the 5th April. These are Thames Water, Anglian Water, Southern Water, South East Water, Sutton and East Surrey, Veolia Central and Veolia South East.

Water ButtThe most obvious solution to the water shortage for householders is to install a water butt to store rainwater. With the amount of rainfall we generally have in this country, a water butt should be a necessity and our project on fitting a water butt gives all the info you need. There is also a short video on setting up your water butt in our video section. As long as you have a downpipe and space to put a water butt, you are away!

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