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Many people find the huge range of different types of paint now available are a bit of a minefield, so two new projects on the diydoctor website are offering lots of information about paint for the interiors.

The first explains the range of paint available when it comes to preparing to paint, such as basecoats, textured paint and anit-damp paint. It goes on to give a guide to the different types of topcoat, from vinyl matt, vinyl satin and vinyl silk emulsion to kitchen and bathroom paint, stating what qualities they have and when and where you might choose to use them in your home.

It guides you through what you need to use when painting wood and metal and for the type of finish you are looking for, as well as specialist paints avialble for painting tiles, radiators, mdf,, floors and fire retardant paints.

Another new project gives a guide to eco paints and why you might choose to use this range of relatively new paints on the market. These paints are better for you and the environment and are becoming very popular for home improvers with a great variety now more easily available in shops and online and are competatively priced. Certainly worth looking into if you are doing some redecorating.

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