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Yesterday Housing Minister Grant Shapps announced again the introduction of the tenant cashback scheme, which will see council and housing authority tenants being offered the opportunity to tackle basic DIY in their homes in return for cash or vouchers.

According to tenants can receive up to £500 a year if they agree to ‘undertake minor repairs in their homes’ such as decorating or repairing leaking taps or fixing handles, or communities can pool their money to help improve their local area. Mr Shapps has also said that it could offer basic training programmes to those tenants who sign up and therefore offer potential career development to those who were interested.

There are several landlords who have already introduced schemes including Home Group, Bromford Group and Together Group. But there has also been much scepticism in the industry, with many believing it would creat opportunities for fraud and would be too hard to regulate properly.

What are your views on the Tenant Cashback Scheme? Have you had any experience of it where you live? Let us know.

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