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There have many reports in the press over the last few days over the government’s Green Deal. A core group of Tory ministers are attacking the Green Deal as they say that due to current economic situation for most householders in Britain, the Green Deal could force many people to spend more money than they can afford on insulation etc. There is also confusion over part of the Green Deal which could mean that people wanting to build an extension, repair a boiler or replace windows would also have to spend money on energy efficiency as they would have to sign up to the Deal to get planning permission for the other work.

The group of of ministers trying to block the Green Deal include the Chancellor George Osborne, the Communities Secretary Eric Pickles, Housing Minister Grant Shapps and Employment Minister Chris Grayling.

The Green Deal is set to be launched in October 2012 and was the work of Chris Huhne  who resigned as Energy Secretary in February. He has said “The green deal means that home insulation is funded from the savings in home energy bills so people are better off, not worse off. Top Tories should stop posturing on green plans that help hard-hit households.”

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