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If you are planning to do a bit of garden design this spring you may be needing to do a bit of building work. DIY Doctor has plenty of help and advice on lots of aspects of garden landscaping whether you are looking at building a wall, building a screen, constructing steps or putting up new fencing.

If you are adding some garden steps, or maybe changing the steps you already have we have several projects which can help, from the general ‘Building Garden Steps’ project which gives examples of the differing types you could choose how to decide on the size of your steps and how many you need, to individual projects on building flagstone steps and using sleepers to build your steps. These explain how to prepare the ground, what tools and materials you need and talk you through how to construct your steps. 

Decorative block for building a garden wallWhen you want to divide up areas in your garden you might choose to build a block screen as it provides a strong wall but with a decorative look. Our project talks you through how to build a block screen from the materials you need to preparing foundations and actually building the wall.

There is also a project on building a garden retaining wall so you can find out how to build a wall to enable you to change the levels in your garden.

If you are looking at adding a path or changing the design or type of your exsiting path,diydoctor gives advice on how to plan out your path and the different materials you can use to make your path. Whatever material you choose it will be vital to prepare the ground for your chosen type.

Good luck with your garden projects!

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