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We have a new project to help you if you are looking at re-decorating a room and are looking for advice. If you are wanting a new look, a simple way of doing this is by creating what is known as a ‘feature wall’

A feature wall gives you the opportunity of doing something a bit different, whether it be bold, bright or patterned, but without decorating the whole room in the same colour/pattern. It might be that you choose paint or wallpaper to create your feature wall, but the most important thing is to decide which wall you are going to pick!

The most sucessfull tend to be the wall or recess behind the bed in a bedroom or the fireplace wall or recesses either side in a living room. But you will decide on what will work in your home – it may be you want a feature wall in the bathroom or kitchen, and it still gives you the opportunity to try something different.

You may choose a tone lighter or darker than the rest of the walls in the room, or you may choose a contrasting colour or a bold wallpaper. Take a look at our project on colour theory and the colour wheel to understand more about choosing colours for your home. If you are doing any wallpapering – take a look at our project on how to hang wallpaper.

Keep an eye out for more projects on interior design coming to diydoctor soon!

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