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Our new project on LED lighting explains what LED’s are, how they work, the different types available and how they can save energy – and save you money!

It explains the colour difference you can choose from with your bulbs, whether you want warm white or cool white in a room, and the options available for indoor and outdoor use. You can also choose whether you want dimmable LED’s or not.

GU10 bulbE27 bulbLED’s last much longer than halogens and are 100% recyclable so far better for the environment. The project page gives examples of LED replacements for the type of incadescent bulbs many of us still have in our homes, so you know what you are looking for if you just want to swap the type you are using. It also gives advice on fitting ceiling lights and strip lights, so you can make you house more nergy efficient with all your lighting!

The project is presented by LED Hut who can supply all your LED solutions and are happy to give advice on what is best for you and your home.


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