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A new addition to the projects on diydoctor is ‘how to wallpaper a stairwell’ – a tricky job, and not one many people feel confident tackling, so we have created a project to help.

Most people’s main concern is the height and angle you can be working at when you are papering (or painting for that matter) the stairs, so it is vital that you have a safe area to work. We suggest you construct a platform –  you can either use a special ladder for using on stairs or construct your own platform using boards – just make sure sure it is safe and secure.

We already have projects to help with choosing  wallpaper and using the right wallpaper adhesive, but this page gives you advice and tips on pasting, hanging and trimming your paper so you get a professional finish.

You can also refer to our hanging wallpaper and wallpapering a ceiling projects. Good luck with your wallpapering!


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