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The Government aims for every home in Britain to have a smart meter by the year 2019. A smart meter replaces your exisitng gas and electricity meters and has the ability to send electronic meter readings to your supplier remotely. So no more visits by meter readers or having to read your own. A smart meter enables you to see how much energy you use at different times, whether that be daily, weekly monthly or yearly.

The idea is that  smart energy meters will help consumers by giving them more information and therefore control over their energy consumption, and eradicate the estimated billing we currently have. This should mean that consumers can save money and also reduce carbon emissions. If you want to change suppliers it should also make it easier and faster. It also means that energy suppliers should run more efficiently.

It is estimated that 28 million homes and 2 million small businesses will be fitted with smart meters in Briain. The roll-out of the scheme should start in 2014 and be completed by the end of 2019 although some energy suppliers are already beginning to install smart meters.

What are your views on smart meters? Have you got one already? Let us know……


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