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We are pleased to announce that world leader in building materials ‘Lafarge’ have joined the diydoctor website and are hosting three new projects.

Firstly there is the Repairing Concrete project which explains how you can repair cracks in concrete or patio slabs by using Lafarge  Repair Concrete, which allows you to patch small areas. There are step-by-step instructions on using the product so you can get a good finish on a task that is usually very tricky when using normal concrete.

The other two projects are to do with erecting fence posts (or any other posts come to that!). If you are putting up a fence, a common problem is how to work out what size hole you need for the post. Our new project on hole sizes for fence posts explains how to work this out and gives a table for the width Bag of postcreteand depth of the hole you require.

Having figured out the hole size, you should take a look at our project on concreting fence posts using Postcrete. Postcrete is a premixed concrete which for jobs like installing posts is ideal. All you need to do is pour the postcrete into the hole that you have already poured some water into, and hey presto! Just make sure the post is straight and wait for the mix to set hard.


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