You are not always going to have the skills or the time to DIY. When you employ a tradesman to do the work that you can’t, how do you equip yourself to get the job you deserve from the experts?

The video on the link below shows a homeowner coming back to a tiling job that is poorly done.

Unfortunately we are unable to display the video as the embed feature has been disabled but if you are interested in viewing go to YouTube and search for “Bathroom tiling disaster” and find the video by “theba123”

Towards the end of the video the person filming comments that ‘this is why I don’t get DIY things done, because I hate it’. This illustrates the helplessness that people feel when they trust an ‘expert’ who doesn’t deliver what they promise. The clip also illustrates the concern they feel about the confrontation that is necessary to resolve the situation.

One thing that you can do when instructing tradespeople to do work is to read up on our project pages and watch our videos to see how work should be done. Even though you are not going to do the work yourself, you will be able to understand why a tradesman is doing things, and what to query if he is not doing them.

The bathroom shown in the video will not have a waterproof surface because the grout is insufficiently applied between the tiles. The grout is the point that is most vulnerable to water ingress.

Our project on tiling explains how to use tile spacers properly, to get tiles evenly spaced and even, and why it is important to allow enough space between the tiles to allow for grout to be effectively applied. Read more information about how to tile using ceramic tiles here.

If you are worried about doing a job like this yourself, you can find great quality, insured tradespeople in our Trustmark directory.

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