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The leather-clad biker from the BBC’s Rogue Traders and Watchdog, Dan Penteado, has today admitted to over £24,000 of council tax and benefit fraud. He is the side-kick of presenter Matt Allwright on the popular TV shows. On the show they chase after the cowboys to help protect the public from getting ripped off!

It is now clear that Mr Penteado is a rogue himself! From 2008 to 2012 he claimed housing and council tax benefit to the sum of £24,077.60  which he wasn’t entitled to because he had not declared his work with the BBC.

It is unclear whether Mr Penteado still has a job with the BBC, but this situation highlights the fact that presenters of these awful shows are far from the integrity based knights in shining armour they would have us believe.

Shows like Rogue Traders simply sensationalise the fact is that the general public are being ripped off every day by rogue traders. They offer no solutions, just negative drama.

There are steps you can take to avoid dealing with rogue traders and cowboy builders. If you are having work done on your house, there are some simple steps you can take to help yourself:

Follow DIY Doctor’s Home Improver Protection Solution (HIPS), and take responsibility for your own home and protection. HIPS allows you to check the cost of any proposed extentions to your home using our software Price Doctor, it allows you to download the free Desired Outcome Building Contract, it gives information on a simple payment protection plan AND gives you access to the TrustMark directory of tradespeople, who are all insured and vetted with even the quality of their work being checked by a relevant Trade Association.

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