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Following on from the recent survey conducted by DIY Doctor on the ‘Green Deal’, and considering the scheme is meant to be being launched in October, we have been presented with some very interesting results!

Although 67% of those who responded had heard of the Green Deal, only 13% stated that they understood what it was. That means that a whopping 87% said that they didn’t understand what the Green Deal is all about, and 82% of those who did the survey said they would like to find out more……..

So, we have now published a new Green Deal project page on the website which aims to cover all the questions you might have about the Green Deal and related topics. Such as what it is, when it is due to be launched,  how it will work, who regulates the scheme, what will it cover, and how do you know if you are eligible, plus loads of other questions and answers you might not have even thought of yet!

To read more about the proposed Green Deal and find out how it might affect you, click here.


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