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Batteries of the future could be slimmer and lighter; in fact they could be as thin as a layer of paint.

We are always keen to hear of new developments in the scientific world that could impact on the future of DIY. So we were intrigued to read about research at RICE University in Houston, USA who are creating a ‘paint on’ battery.

Where most batteries are made up of two halves one positive(cathode) and one negative (anode) with a separator between them, this new battery is created using layers of paint which consist of a cathode, anode and 2 current collectors with a polymer separator.

The battery has been successfully bonded onto ceramic tiles, metal and plastic, and the inventors foresee that they will integrate well with sprayable solar cells which have already been developed.

Ceramic tiles coated with battery paints and then heat-sealed powered LEDs spelling out “RICE” for six hours in an experiment at Rice University. The lithium-ion batteries can be painted on virtually any surface. (Credit: Jeff Fitlow/Rice University)

This could mean that our rechargeable power tools become much lighter and more easy to handle in the future.

You may have to wait a while for these to be available on the open market, so in the mean time visit our DIY Tool Store.

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