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Summer is the time to trim most hedges so we have reviewed these two hedge-trimmers to help make light work of the task. Always assuming of course that you can find a dry spell to do it in, as we have one of the wettest summers on record.

If you are unsure when is the best time to trim your particular species of hedge, then check out the Royal Horticulture Society’s site which helpfully lists the most common types of hedge and when is best to trim them.
Mountfield Hedge Trimmer, click here for the full review
Ryobi RHT2660DA Hedge Trimmer, click here for the full review

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When you are doing work in the garden it is important to make sure that any electrical equipment is protected with an external socket that has an RCD, this will cut the power if you damage cables or if there is a surge in power. See more about that in our blog on RCD external socket.

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