Screws are the humble DIY tool that led in part to the founding of DIY Doctor. When nipping into DIY sheds in the evenings to pick up some bits when the trade shops were closed, founder Mike Edwards was often asked for advice about how to “fix things to other things” or “what things to use” to do a certain job.

At that point he was running his own building company and was recognisable to the public as a builder by his ‘uniform’ –  grubby Jeans, and t-shirt coated in mastic.

These days his website gives you all the advice you need, on all sorts of projects. However he is aware that some people still only need to know what to use to “fix stuff to stuff”.

There are already written explanations of what fixings to use where in the projects section, click here, but if you prefer to have a personal explanation then Mike reviews these different screws for you in his video projects.

Advanced Gold Screw, click here for full review

Goldscrew Woodscrews Handy Pack, click here for full review

TurboGold Woodscrews Handy Pack, click here for full review

Quicksilver Woodscrews Handy Pack, click here for full review

Fischer Metal Self Drill Pack, click here for full review

These videos are part of a series of tool reviews, that DIY Doctor will be adding to over the coming months. If you have ideas for tools to review, or if you have any questions or problems please leave comments on our forum.

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