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Mike Edwards from DIY Doctor gave live presentations to the crowds at the Exhibition Centre in Sandown over the weekend. Thank you to all the people who came to see us there. As you will see from the pictures all the seminars were ‘standing room only’. Thank you also to those who bought Mike’s book, Master Basic DIY, which is part of the Teach Yourself series. If you didn’t manage to buy it at the show you can buy it from our shop.

How to Tile a Bathroom
How to Skim Plaster'How to Avoid the Cowboy Builders'
Mike Edwards gives seminars on ‘How to Avoid the Cowboy Builders’ ‘How to Skim Plaster’ and ‘How to Tile a Bathroom’ at the Tricks of The Trade Stage  on 30th June and 1st July 2012 at the  Southern Homebuilding & Renovating Show at Sandown Racecourse, Surrey.
Mike Edwards answering questions at the Tricks of The Trade stage

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