Cast iron radiators have an old world charm that is bang on-trend. What is more they may be more environmentally friendly than they first seem.

Although they take longer to heat up than modern radiators but because they are excellent conductors with more mass of metal they give off heat better and longer than other types of radiator.

For more information on cast iron radiators, their pros and cons, with tips on where they are best used, then visit our Cast Iron Radiator project. See also how they can be given a modern twist with hot new paint effects.

DIY Doctor are really pleased to introduce our customers to Paladin Radiators who stock an extensive range of cast iron radiators, from the functional to the decorative, and they even have an electrical model. You can have any colour finish you like and we are particularly fond of this hot pink model.

The Thermostatic Valve Collection

Paladin Radiators - Custom colours

Paladin Radiators is a family run business set up by MD Helen Proctor, whose passion for interior design and renovating period properties led to her realisation that removing the original cast iron radiators and replacing them with modern radiators actually made a less efficient and more unsympathetic system in these older properties.

The Churchill The Bartholomew Range The Saint Paul

They work with English Heritage and National Trust, but they are also updating their range constantly so check out their website to find a product to suit your project and create a practical design statement on budget.

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