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DIY and Interior Design

DIY and Interior Design

When you move into your first home, the first thing you really want to do is put your own stamp on it and give it a little of your own identity to turn essentially what is a house into home that you feel comfortable in.

In order to make your mark in terms of the décor and features there are two key areas that need to be considered – DIY and Interior Design, both with their own differing points to consider.

Here is what the DIY Doctor himself Mike Edwards has to say on the first of these topics:

“The best and arguably most useful advice that we give to DIY’ers and first time buyers is to practice!”

“Many construction and DIY tasks can look easy when observing a tradesman going about his business but what many casual observers neglect to consider are the years and years of practice, experience and fine tuning of a given trade that allows a skilled individual to make a job look easy”

“For anyone to attempt bricklaying or plastering with no prior experience and expect to get a decent finish first time is impossible so what we suggest is to buy a few extra bricks or an extra bag of plaster and find a space in your garden and just practice, practice, practice”

“By doing so you can in most cases quickly learn many of the common issues and pitfalls you may experience during a certain task and with a little thought and possibly some research overcome them…..”

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