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Is garage door maintenance on your spring cleaning list? It should be. In winter, with the colder climates, the garage door has to work harder putting a strain on the springs, bolts and track that keep your garage door working smoothly. When the door is working we take the fact that it opens and closes for granted but a little bit of TLC can go a long way in ensuring that it stays that way.

The UK may be having one of the worst summers on record; in April we had twice the average rainfall in the UK, June was the wettest month on record and in July some parts of the UK saw a month’s rain fall in 24 hours. Even the DIY Doctor’s can’t get a rain free weekend to repaint their garage door as Karen found out. With all this rain it’s still no excuse to be putting that long list of spring cleaning on the back burner. Particularly as the long term forecast predicts even more rain.

Garage door maintenance shouldn’t be daunting, and it shouldn’t take the whole weekend to make sure that the garage door will still be working in the years to come so that shouldn’t be any excuse to put it off.

If your garage door isn’t working properly, if it sticks, jams or stutters, the tracks may need a bit of maintenance. Roller garage doors and up and over garage doors both run on tracks so it’s important to check that they are clean and in working order on a regular basis.

With the garage door shut, check that the bolts and screws that secure the brackets running along the track are tight. The screws can often become loose and worn with regular use. By tightening the screws this will most likely solve any problem with the garage door rattling or excessive swinging as the door closes.

After ensuring that all the bolts are tight, and replacing ones that are too worn, carefully remove the accumulation of dirt and grime running along the track. You’ll need to use a step ladder to be able to see the inside of the track properly and to protect your fingers from getting jammed. After you’ve cleaned the track remember to re-oil the track and the rollers to guarantee a smooth opening and closing of your roller garage door.

As you cleaned the track you would have noticed any bumps and dents in the track which would prevent the door opening smoothly. Even a small dent can cause problems in the future so it’s important to knock these dents back in to place. Using a hammer and a slat of wood, gently straighten the track, moulding the dent into place.

For anything a little more complex seek a garage door professional, particularly if you suspect that the springs are involved. You don’t want to damage thegarage door beyond repair or cause harm to yourself.

The author of this post writes for Garage Door Superstore suppliers of roller garage doors, sectional garage doors and electric openers in the UK.

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