We are all used to reminders to protect our eyes and heads, when working on home improvement projects but your feet are also important.


Protection for your feet while carrying out DIY

Protect yoru feet when working with power tools or heavy products

Footwear should be comfortable, non slip and flat. No stilettos when you are climbing up ladders please – not even the boys! In addition to that it is best to have toe protection, especially if you are working with power tools, or heavy products like paving slabs and bricks. If you drop these on your toes in normal shoes you may find yourself going on an informal walkabout, and exercising your vocabulary while you do so!

To avoid damaging your everyday shoes (and your feet) consider investing in workboots or safety trainers.

In these video reviews Mike Edwards compares the merits of each type of foot protection and talks you through the pro’s and con’s.

DeWalt Safety Boots, click here for the full review

Site Quarry White Mesh Trainers, click here to see the full review

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