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Here at DIY Doctor, we know that some of you Home Improvers and DIY’ers cannot get enough of the subject and that you read, listen and watch anything that comes out. If however you are too busy doing it to watch it you may be unaware of Dom Littlewood’s series on BBC1 ‘Don’t Get Done, Get Dom’.

We were pleased to see TrustMark Chairman, Liz Male on episode 6 where she detailed some of the key things householders need to do to protect themselves and how best to work with contractors who use sub-contractors. She was keen to point out that if a member of the public uses a TrustMark firm which in turn uses sub-contractors they remain protected as detailed in Trustmark’s core Criteria. The member firm remains liable and responsible for any work done.

In case you were not aware of how Trustmark works you should watch again if you can.

Check out our HIPS page (Home Improver Protection Solution), for more information on Trustmark and other ways of avoiding the cowboy builder.

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